Knopka — advanced call system for hospitals and care homes

Notifies nurses and helps them respond immediately

When every second counts

The system notifies medical staff:

• When a patient has an abnormal heart rate

• When attendance is required by the treatment plan

• When a patient makes a call

  • safety

    Helps nurses and doctors respond immediately

    The system ensures that medical staff arrives at a patient's bed within 3 minutes

  • efficiency

    Saves money and improves bed turnover rate

    Timely assistance ensures patients get discharged quicker

Your facility will be connected within one hour

A set of wireless buttons and lamps is already configured

  • Fully functional in the event of a power outage
  • Waterproof and ready for sanitizing
  • Does not require extensive staff training

Nurses are happy - patients are safe

  • Medical staff is instantly notified about patient’s needs through the app

  • The system ensures that medical staff arrives at a patient's bed within 3 minutes

  • Hospital leadership have access to the call archive and detailed statistics

  • Patients can be confident that assistance will be provided and remain calm and compliant

Automatic notifications save lives

The system receives data from patient's vital signs monitors and notifies nurses automatically

Timely assistance helps to prevent:

  • Worsening of the patient's condition
  • Sudden death of a patient

Where Knopka already works

Join the community of the most effective medical facilities

  • 2


    Average time it takes a nurse to reach a patient's bed

  • 1500


    Are already safe for patients and efficient for hospitals

  • 30%


    Can be achieved by implementing knopka

  • 90%

    Less conflicts

    Between medical staff and patients

Our client stories

This system will save more lives than defibrillators

I am thrilled that the Knopka project is gaining momentum and more and more hospitals are deploying the system. I'm glad the team took my advice and introduced notifications based on the patient's heart rate. I am sure that it will save lots of lives.

Kostiantyn Mylytsa

Hospital Director, Saint Nicholas Clinic, Zaporyzhya, Ukraine

Highly recommend it to every inpatient department

Knopka has made the life of our nurses much easier. Patient care has significantly improved. Nurses are focused on doing their job rather than running around the hospital. It saves time and optimizes workload every day. I would highly recommend Knopka system to every hospital!

Pavlo Lysunets

Head of Surgery, Hospital №6, Dnipro, Ukraine

Knopka helped to improve quality of patient care within the first few weeks

We were surprised at how quickly we managed to improve the quality of patient care. Nurses and doctors are satisfied. The monthly subscription is very convenient if you wish to allocate hospital funds more efficiently.

Roksana Khokhlova

Hospital Director, Myrnograd Medical Center, Ukraine

Our nurses received a fantastic tool for everyday work

We were one of the first departments to implement Knopka. Nurses were worried the system would increase their workload. It turned out to be the opposite! I have come across other notification systems but nothing compares to Knopka. It is at a completely different level! I can not recommend it highly enough.

Viktoria Kravchuk

Head of Nursing. National specialized children's hospital "OHMATDYT"

What Knopka does for you

  • For hospital management

    • Automatically monitors the quality of medical care in the hospital
    • Maintains an archive of calls and departmental statistics
    • Minimizes staff training time
  • For medical staff

    • Improves communication with patients and relatives
    • Alleviates stress and prevents burnout
    • Optimizes workload
  • For patients

    • Ensures that help is provided in a timely manner
    • Reduces anxiety and stress
    • Gives family peace of mind

Treatment plan completed on time

  • Knopka is compatible with most Health Information Systems

  • Knopka reminds nurses of the agreed care plan and enables its timely completion

  • Prompt treatment ensures the early discharge of existing patients and admission of new patients

  • Patient information is depersonalized and safely encrypted

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